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Ethiopia Oromia SWP Decaf Coffee

Ethiopia Oromia SWP Decaf Coffee

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This amazing Ethiopia coffee comes from the Sidama, Guji Zone.

This water process decaf coffee started out as a dry process, non-decaf from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union ("OCFCU"). The Oromia Union are an umbrella, farmer-led cooperative organization currently supporting 400+ Ethiopian cooperatives by offering agronomical support, access to the international market, micro financing loans, and a lot more. This lot is a blend of coffee from hundreds of small holder farmers in the southern Ethiopian region of Sidama. It was initially processed as a full natural ("dry process"), dried with the whole cherry intact, before being sent off for decaffeination.

Dry processing tends to produce a fruit-forward cup, which even after being toned down by decaffeination, yields a fruited decaf. This decaf was processed by a plant in Mexico who use only clean water to extract 99.9% of the caffeine from the coffee while leaving much of the volatile compounds affecting flavor and aroma behind. 

The sweetness and fruited cup flavors set this decaf apart from some of the others. The smells are very much "Ethiopian" in character, fruited aromatics, with a maple syrup note underneath. The fruit notes have aspects of peach and nectarine canned in a sugary syrup, not so much aromatic, but with good fruit flavor. Body is very nice and does a good job carrying those flavors into the aftertaste. 

Notes: Caramel, Peach, Banana, Star Fruit, Sweet & Sugary, Vanilla and Watermelon, are some of the notes you will find in this coffee. 

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