Los Placeres, Cold Anaerobic (SWP Decaf), Nicaragua

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We offer you this beautiful coffee from Nicaragua, produced by renowned coffee farmers the Mierisch Family in a unique and special process.

A four cultivar blend, (Red Bourbon, Red Catuai, Caturra & Javanica), where the cherries are picked by hand, sorted, rinsed and floated, and then added to food-safe barrels. The barrels are sealed off with a PCV pipe and one-way valve for off gassing. Then, they store the barrels in an air conditioned room, chilled to 45-50F, and left to ferment for two days. The sealed tanks limits the population of microbes available, while the cold storage slows fermentation down. Then, they spread out the cherries on their patio for two days under 100% sunlight, taking special care when they move the cherries 3-4 times a day. After this, the cherries are transferred onto African beds inside a greenhouse where they finish drying for 26 days.

Once the coffee is ready, it is sent to the Swiss Water® factory for decaffeination, which is performed using their patented, innovative, chemical-free process using pure water to gently remove the caffeine until 99.9% of it is gone and only clean flavors remain.

It is an awesome coffee, whether you have a sensitivity to caffeine or not, this coffee doesn't disappoint. We found notes of Cherry Cola, melon, and vanilla, with a silky body and caramel sweetness.