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Ethiopia, Heleanna Georgalis, Special Fermentation

Ethiopia, Heleanna Georgalis, Special Fermentation

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Origin: Yirgachefe Kochere Rekuse

Cultivar: Ethiopian Landraces, Process: 72hr Anaerobic Natural

Flavor Descriptors: Ripe Strawberries and Blueberries, Dark Chocolate, Floral and Winey

This coffee is one of our favorites by producer Heleanna Georgalis. She is known for her love of experimentation and her willingness to take risks in order to create a transcendent  cup of coffee. Her farming and processing practices are gold standard, diverse and honed over time. Along with immaculate washed coffees, her sundried coffees show an exquisite and unique cleanliness, along with a distinct citric character like lime along with the other fruits they bring to the table.

We had the opportunity to purchase a small amount of this very special coffee, we are thrilled to be able to share it with you! This coffee was processed using an 72hr Anaerobic Natural process. This is a 2100-2300 masl farm. Unique and beautiful!

After fully ripened cherries are selected they are cleaned and put into stainless steel tanks while the full fruit is still intact. The tanks are closed restricting the oxygen. While the fruits begin to ferment and produce carbon dioxide within the tanks the pressure causes the cherries to rupture. What does all this do for flavor? The flavors produced during these types of fermentation tend to be very fruit forward but with clean clarity. 

Our friend Heleanna started to experiment with this processing technique several years ago, borrowing knowledge she had picked up from friends across the sea in Cerrado, Brazil, known for their many masterpieces produced utilizing this method.


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