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Ethiopia - Bensa Segera Kenyan Style

Ethiopia - Bensa Segera Kenyan Style

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Flavor descriptors: Apricot, chocolate, cream, green grape, prune, silky body, white grape

This is one of five lots we purchased this year from Heleanna Georgalis, of Moplaco Trading PLC. The coffees we source from Moplaco fall under one of several categories. Moplaco has a long history of exporting coffee from diverse and remote regions of Ethiopia such as Harar, Idido, and Chire, and has developed a range of consistent and impactful profile coffees such as Abyssinian Mocca. They are also vertically integrated, currently operating washing stations and farms in Kochere Yirgachefe, Segera Bensa, Chelbesa Gedeb, and Sheka Illubabor. We love working with coffees that Moplaco is directly involved with the production of, but when Heleanna presents us with an offering outside of the Moplaco network it is usually because the quality is phenomenal. 

This coffee comes from the Segera washing station in Bensa. This is our 3rd year bringing Moplaco Bensa to Miami and we are always surprised by the range of flavors. These are consistently some of the brightest and cleanest coffees we come across and we are thrilled to offer a variety of post-harvest processing techniques employed by the Moplaco like this one and Bensa Kokosa Black Honey.

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