Gesha, Natural Anaerobic, Hacienda El Rodeo, Santander-Colombia *LIMITED EDITION*

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Hacienda El Rodeo is located in Curití, Santander Region, Colombia. The project was started in 2011 by Alfonso Reyes and his son Cristian Reyes. The farm was abandoned so it really was hard work but since then they have been planting and growing Arabica coffee. So far they have sown 110 hectares and still remains 35 more to being cultivated in the next 3 years to come. They have saved 25ha for nature and wildlife conservation. The farm is at a height between 1.900 to 2.200 masl and
grows the coffee under shade mainly using native trees of the zone and plantain
as a transitional shade. 

The yearly harvest is from December to February, focused on high quality and specialty coffee, offering washed, honey and natural processing.

This coffee was harvested during the last days of march 2021, being their very first Gesha harvested and they are incredibly happy with the results. And so do We.
This coffee has double selection before getting into the anaerobic fermentation tanks, then they are kept  during 170 hours (in total 7 days), then dried on beds at the drying green house at an average temperature of 30° during day time and 12° during the night. It took 34 days to dry this nano-lot. They also call it Lactic Fermentation. The final brix was 8 and PH 4.17
They kept this coffee in a dark and cold room on grainpro bags for stabilization during 2 months before remove the husk and prepare it for the export.
Notes: The fragrance is amazing, with a deep banana essence, Watermelon, Red and Black Cherries are present in the aroma and the tasting. Hibiscus and Tea Rose complements this beautiful coffee. Deep body and a ever present aftertaste will make you remember the cup long after you drink it. 
We love this Gesha!