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LAURINA, Masterpieces by Daterra - 60hr Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

LAURINA, Masterpieces by Daterra - 60hr Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

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Daterra Sustainable Coffee has long set industry standards in Brazil and worldwide for their sustainability efforts, as well as their innovative techniques in processing and cutting-edge genetics research. 

Each year Daterra produces a limited amount of Masterpieces by Daterra coffees which they subsequently sell via an auction platform. This year, in wake of a new global climate, they opted for a new platform for the sales of these high-scoring Masterpieces and we were beside ourselves with the prospect to get our hands one of these coffees to share with our beloved customers!

LAURINA - 60hr Natural Anaerobic Process

Harvesting: Handpicking
Process: Semi-Carbonic Fermentation for 60hrs
Drying: Raised beds, finished on stainless steel drum drier
Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic
Packing: Penta-box

Laurina, or “Bourbon Pointu” is a rare variety from the Reunion Islands with small, pointy beans that usually present a lower caffeine amount than other Arabica varietals.

This microlot was processed with a 60hr anaerobic fermentation technique that enhanced the acidity, making it sparkling with notes of cherry candy and blue raspberry, with milk chocolate sweetness.


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