Sheka Processes Collection by Heleanna Georgalis *Special Edition*

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This very limited offering includes 3 - 250g bags of coffee and you can add a coffee tasting notebook and a Miami.Coffee cupping spoon!

Our “Sheka Processes Collection" by Heleanna Georgalis comes from her farm Sheka Kawo Kamina in Illubabor region of Ethiopia and highlights 3 unique processing methods - Washed Process, Honey Process, and Sundried (Natural) Process.

Heleanna Georgalis of Moplaco is known for her relentless commitment to quality. Her farming and processing practices are the gold standards. When we met Heleanna, in 2013, during a panel about World Coffee Research's study and collection of Ethiopian Heirloom varieties, we were immediately drawn to her passionate personality, and a friendship began to grow from there.

The coffee that makes up this collection comes from the Moplaco own farm in Sheka Illubabor. The cherries were selected from local farmers surrounding the station, at altitudes ranging from 2100-2300 masl. They were processed in three different ways to appreciate the versatility and the different nuances they offer.  
Washed Process 
The fruits are depulped using a disc-style depulping machine and the seeds washed in channels, to remove the remaining sticky mucilage. Then they are fermented for 36 hours in cement tanks. After this, they are then moved to African raised beds to dry for 20 days, until the ideal moisture content is achieved.
Notes:  Pineapple, Peach, Tea Rose
Honey Process 
The fruits are depulped using a disc-style depulping machine, and  then  fermented for 36 hours. After this they are moved onto African raised drying beds, still covered in sugary mucilage. This drying must be closely attended to and often moved for a homogenous drying for 22 days.
Notes:  Fruits, Flowers & Chocolate

Sundried (Natural) Process 
After a strict selection and cleaning process, the coffee cherries are dried on African raised  beds with the full fruit intact. Cherries must be closely attended to and often moved in order to homogenize the drying and prevent off-flavors due to over fermentation. The drying time is 20 days. 
Notes: Fruits, Flowers & Chocolate

Cultivar: Ethiopia Landraces.
We love these coffees and we highly recommend to fully enjoy the sensory experience!