Sidra, Natural, Finca Terrazas del Pisque, Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador

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Located a few miles away from the capital city of Quito, Terrazas del Pisque is probably one of the few projects in the world at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level and with a completely different climate (annual rainfall of less than 500mm). Three snow capped volcanoes can be spotted from the farm. It is located on the Pacific side of the Andes Mountains in an arid and desert microclimate.

Mr. Arnaud Causse producer and owner of the farm, planted a forest to create a microclimate that could accommodate his coffee trees with more than 25 species of trees, some of them endemic. The plantation is totally shaded by papayas, grapefruits, lemon trees, mandarins, avocados, tea trees, figs, pomegranates, eucalyptus, medlars. The name of the farm comes from the "El Pisque" river that passes below, formed by the melting of the Cayambe volcano.

Mr. Arnaud also has hives and during flowering, bees invade the plantation and feed on flowering coffee, lavender and raspberry trees. To preserve his bees, Arnaud does not use pesticides on his farms and treats his coffee trees with essential oils of calendula, lavender and rosemary that he produces himself.

Las Terrazas is a true micro ecosystem. Honey plants such as calendula, lemon balm, oregano, and lavender produce essential oils and host bees for honey production. Legumes supply the farm and also fix nitrogen in the soil. As for fruit trees, they are an ideal habitat for birds that in return eat the larvae of fruit flies.

Sidra is a hybrid variety of Red Bourbon and Typica and combines characteristics of these two varieties. It has acquired the sweetness and the body of Red Bourbon and the bright taste and acidity of Typica. The Sidra variety was developed in Ecuador by a private company, taking its name from the tree it was propagated under. World Coffee Research genetic testing categorizes it as an “Ethiopian Landrace”.

This incredible coffee has predominant floral notes as Tea Rose, Hibiscus and Jasmine; with green apples and green grapes shining in the malic acidity. Peach, star fruit and Pink Dragon Fruit complement the fruity notes. Light body and a sweet juicy aftertaste. You won't forget this cup of coffee wanting some more every time.