V60 One Pour Dripper MUGEN

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A dripper that can brew coffee in a single pour.

This dripper lacks internal ribbing, so paper filters stick to it as coffee flows down the star-shaped grooves to slowly brew. You can also remove the holder to place just the dripper on a stand to brew. 

This dripper lets you extract delicious coffee by pouring the hot water in one continuous go without steeping. Hot water channels in the shape of a star enable slow coffee extraction.

No steeping is required. You only pour hot water once. So it’s easy for beginners to follow a recipe and produce a delicious cup of coffee.

The dripper can be hung on a hook wherever convenient.

You can remove the holder and place the dripper on a stand.

COLOR Transparent Black

SIZE W 142× D 116× H 94mm

CAPACITY 1-2 cups

WEIGHT (incl.individual box) approx.200g

MATERIAL Body/Acrylonitrile-styrene resin