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Valle de Mocoties, Venezuela - Yellow Catuaí/Castilla Washed

Valle de Mocoties, Venezuela - Yellow Catuaí/Castilla Washed

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Tasting notes: Chocolate, Brown Spice, Caramel, Mild Apple Acidity, Silky Mouthfeel

For the first time and for a limited time we are offering a coffee from El Valle de Mocoties, Mérida, Venezuela 🇻🇪

It is said that a Jesuit priest, José Gumilla, was the one who introduced coffee in Venezuela in 1732. Of course, cheap labor and land costs contributed to production of coffee, surpassing at some point the cocoa and tobacco production in the early 1900s. Venezuelan coffee was exported to Brazil in the beginning. By 1919, Venezuela exported 82,382 tons of coffee, ranking among the top 3 coffee producers in the world. Germany and Europe were its main importers. But, with the wealth of the oil industry, coffee production was left aside. Instability, financial and political crisis did not help Venezuelan producers maintain their position in the export market. Today, Venezuela represents less than 1% of world production. But the climate, its geographical location, atmospheric conditions and its wonderful soil make Venezuela a privileged country for coffee production. And being a company co-founded by a Venezuelan woman, we hope that this is the first of many lots to come and that the future of coffee production in the country will be hopeful and sustainable for the years to come.

This coffee is a green blend of two cultivars: Yellow Catuaí and Castilla, produced in El Valle de Mocoties, Mérida, at an altitude between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level, crop 2024, anaerobic washed process.

El Valle de Mocoties is a political-administrative subregion of the State of Mérida, located west of the capital of the State, in the southwest of it. ​ The Mocotíes area has been an important region in the agro-tourism development of the Mérida State, due to its extensive geography comprised of its green mountains, its rock formations, its waterfalls, rivers and lagoons as well as its paramos.

The people here are very conservative. They are ancestral communities that, historically, have clung to traditions inherited from generation to generation, since colonial times. Simple people with a deep vocation for field work and a determined religious spirit.

It is Andean to speak very slowly and meet together only on weekends, at some religious celebration or when they go to town to do their shopping and bring their products, with El Campesino Market in Tovar being the main trading point for the villagers and producers of this region.

We are very proud to be able to have this first lot and we are confident that the processes, both during harvest and good post-harvest practices, will improve to guarantee quality in the cup. In our sensory evaluation we found Chocolate, Black Pepper, Brown Spice, Cacao Nibs, Caramel. Clean cup & creamy mouthfeel. The coffee has well rounded sweetness and soft acidity making it an easy drinker across all brewing methods. Makes great espresso and plays well with milk. It is a solid coffee! 

Roam the wild lands of Venezuela with Valle de Mocoties coffee. Bold and challenging, this unique blend of Yellow Catuaí and Castilla beans will awaken your senses with every sip. Experience the thrill of Venezuelan coffee in every cup!

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