Coffee & Tea are synonymous with sharing, thinking, dreaming, wellness and planning new adventures.

Surrounded by this Magic, our brand, Miami.Coffee was born. An adventure, a shared dream!

The love for these wonderful, intricate, and gratifying beverages made us rethink our lives, our professions, and even our horizons.

That passion motivated us to study more to understand the complexity of both worlds, to offer the best to the people who want to enjoy, share, find new sensory experiences, ideas, and keep dreaming.







María Esther Thome-López 

I found coffee just by chance – I wasn’t looking for it, I didn’t know anything about it, and I certainly never expected to make a career out of it. My only relationship with coffee, at first, was the memory of my mother brewing her “manga” (cloth filter) each morning in Venezuela, my country.

In 2005, I realized how important coffee was to me and that, in order to really "get into it", I would need a better coffee education.

On one of my trips, I did a Barista  Course at the then-new Soho Intelligentsia Lab. The class may have lasted only three hours, but it filled my head with dreams.

In 2010, I decided to pursue coffee more seriously: I became a SCAA & SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of America-Europe) member, took the  Lead Instructor class, and volunteered at world coffee events as frequently as possible.

In 2011, I became the first SCAA/SCAE Trainer for Latinoamérica. And since then, I haven't stopped teaching around the globe about the specialty coffee industry, from seed to cup, www.coffeaschool.com

In 2021 I became the first Latinoamérica and North America Authorized Trainer for the European Specialty Tea Association -ESTA. www.coffeaschool.com

I'm not on this alone, my husband and father in law support me on the adventure of sourcing, grading, roasting and helping others to taste and drink a better cup of coffee, among with many other friends around the world who dedicate their lives to produce a sustainable, high quality specialty coffee.

Together, we can be part of the solution through responsible sourcing of Coffee and Tea/Botanicals.

At the end, life is too short to drink bad coffee, right?