13 Months of Coffee = 1 bag every 4 weeks!

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Pick your size and preference and then decide how you want to pay - all at once or monthly

Size Choices:
250g - enough for about 2-3 cups on the weekends
1lb - enough for about a cup a day for 4 weeks
1KG - enough for about 2-3 cups per day for 4 weeks

Mind & Body Seasonal Blend
Heart & Soul Seasonal Blend
Rotational (Single Origin)
Sensational (Single Origins including our most exclusive selections)

Choose one of our seasonal blends for a faithful daily drinker, switch it up every month with rotational single origins or upgrade to sensational to get immediate access to our most exclusive selections.

If you would like to pay monthly, instead of all at once, please follow these important instructions:

During checkout, in the "payment" step, choose the "invoice" option. As long as we have a good email address for you we can send you an invoice ahead of your shipment date.

Next Subscription Shipments: September 7

Rotational: Example Offerings
-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha
-Ethiopia Shantawene Natural 
-Honduras Dulce Meloso 
-Ethiopia Banko Gotiti 
-Ethiopia Bensa Segera Washed 
-Ethiopia Bensa Logita Honey 
-Ethiopia Bensa Orange Sundried 
-Ethiopia Sheka Honey 
-Ethiopia Sheka Washed 
-Ethiopia Sheka Sundried 

Sensational: Example Offerings
-Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha
-Ethiopia Segera Washed 
-Ethiopia Bensa Logita Honey 
-Colombia El Rodeo Gesha Anaerobic Natural  
-Ethiopia Logita Orange Sundried 
-Ethiopia Sheka Honey 
-Ethiopia Bensa Special Fermentation 
-Ethiopia Sheka Washed 
-Ethiopia Sheka Sundried